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Jorge Nuno de Almeida e Sousa Almada Lobo



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  • Jorge Nuno de Almeida e Sousa Almada Lobo, born 23 Sep 1971, Cambridge, UK. Five-year course in Electrical Eng. at Coimbra University (UC) in 1995, MSc in 2002 and PhD in 2007. Assistant Professor at DEEC UC, teaching Digital Design, Microprocessors and Computer Architecture. Researcher at Institute of Systems and Robotics, ISR-UC, working in computer vision, sensor fusion, and mobile robotics. Current research interests focus on inertial sensor data integration in computer vision systems, Bayesian models for multimodal perception of 3D structure and motion, and real-time performance using GPUs and reconfigurable hardware. He has been involved on several EU projects, including BACS - Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems (FP6-IST-027140) and HANDLE - Developmental pathway towards autonomy and dexterity in robot in-hand manipulation (FP7-2008-231640) and currently in BAMBI - Bottom-up Approaches to Machines dedicated to Bayesian Inference (FET - FP7-ICT-2013-C, 618024).

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