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Departamento de Engenharia Electrotécnica
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Univ. Coimbra
Pólo II, Pinhal de Marrocos, 3030 Coimbra, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 239  796270
Computer Fax: (+351) 239  796346
Office Fax: (+351) 239 796247

R. Dr. Paulo Quintela, 334, 9ºB - 10ºB
3030-393 Coimbra, Portugal
Homephone: (+351) 239 712739 or 780081
Cellularphone: (+351) 96  725621

E D U A R D O   D E   S O U S A   S A R A I V A

Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Coimbra University
Coordinator of the Pedagogical Commission (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 5-year degree)

Research Field:
Power Electronics

Effects of the electromagnetic field over the human health
Simulation of kynetic-electronic systems

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Activities
Power Electronics I
Power Electronics II
Complements of Electrical Machines
Electromechanical Drives

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Dep. Eng. Electrotécnica
Dep. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Faculty of Sciences And Technologies
Eduardo de Sousa Saraiva

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